Declaration by Dale Frye
To Organizations Involved in Direct Marketing

Version Apr 25 Copyright (C) 2004 Dale Frye

TAKE NOTICE of my permissions regarding messages to me and use of information about me.
This includes solicitations by mail and telephone, and rental of my name in lists.

Rights in this Declaration

Copying, redistribution, modification and production of derived works of this Declaration are permitted only under the GNU General Public License (GPL). The copyright of the expositional parts of this document is held by Junkbusters Corporation and is used here by permission under the GPL. This Declaration comes with no warranty. If clarification is needed refer first to the Guide to Interpretation of Declarations published by Junkbusters; for copies of that guide see Copies of the GPL are available there or from the Free Software Foundation, 675 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, MA 02139, USA.

Declaration of Permissions

I ask that organizations who may wish to make solicitations to me or to provide information about me to others first check the the appropriate line of the List of Organizations below in order to determine my permissions concerning such acts. Where the categories overlap the last line whose description is applicable should be considered as the appropriate line. These permissions remain in effect until I change them by issuing another Junkbusters Declaration or other explicit instructions to that effect. If a URL is specified in the Identification section, organizations involved in direct marketing are encouraged to check it periodically for revised versions of this Declaration. Each such organization is addressed as ``you.'' If the line ``Permissions apply to all residents'' appears below, ``me'' and ``I'' should be interpreted to mean all residents at my address.
If one or more telephone numbers are listed in the Identification section, I deny you permission to make telemarketing calls and other unsolicited calls including market research surveys to such numbers, and I specifically request that you include any and all of the numbers in all ``do-not-call'' lists under your control. I also deny you permission to provide information about me (other than than the contents of this Declaration under the terms of the GPL) to any other entity. I specifically request that you include my name on all lists you maintain of consumers who do not wish to to have their names rented or shared. However, depending on your business practices this may not suffice to ensure that you do not use my name contrary to my permission, so I ask that you take all other necessary steps to ensure that neither you nor your agents acting on your behalf do this. If one or more electronic mail addresses is specified in the Identification section, I deny you permission to send solicitations by email to such addresses. Notwithstanding anything above, I offer you a license to use and distribute the information in this Declaration under the GPL, and I also adopt the standard exemptions published by Junkbusters Corporation as if written in the body of this Declaration. I reserve my rights in the event that you act contrary to what I have told you I permit. Without in any way limiting these rights, you are advised that I regard 90 days from the date of your receipt of this Declaration as more than ample time for you to make the necessary preparations to ensure that you do not act contrary to my permissions.

List of Organizations for Mail

D: Charities
D: Arts Organizations
D: Environmental Organizations
D: Political Organizations
D: Religious Organizations
D: Public Interest Groups except those previously listed

D: Cable TV
D: Newspapers
D: Magazines
D: Books
D: Music
D: Media and Entertainment except those previously listed

D: Credit Card Providers
D: Insurance
D: Mortgage Loans
D: Other Loans
D: Investment Services
D: Financial Services except those previously listed

D: Enforcement Services for this Declaration
D: Health & Medicine
D: Telecommunications
D: Travel Services
D: Computer-related Services
D: Real Estate Services
D: Other Consumer Services except those previously listed

D: Housewares
D: Gardening
D: Hardware
D: Home and Garden Goods except those previously listed

D: General Merchandise
D: Food
D: Personal Care and Cosmetics
D: Clothing/Apparel
D: Jewelry, Gems, Watches
D: Toys
D: Games
D: Business Supplies
D: Computer-related goods
D: Audio and Video Equipment
D: Other Consumer Goods except those previously listed

D: Coupons
D: Sweepstakes
D: Direct Marketing Promoters except those previously listed

D: All other organizations


Name : Dale Frye
Street: 2025 Hembree Grove Dr.
Town : Roswell
State: GA
Zip+4: 30076
Country: USA
Permissions apply to all residents
Phone: 17705210502

Additional Information for Organizations Permitted to Send Mail

Offers for Infants are Discouraged
Offers for Children are Discouraged
Offers for Teenagers are Discouraged
Offers for Retirees are Discouraged
Offers for Males are Discouraged
Offers for Females are Discouraged

End of Declaration (ID#: ea65840bh10dce26b)